05063 GUARANTEED TO PASS® 12 fl oz

Most US states require mandatory emissions standards testing for passenger vehicles. Deposit buildup in the fuel system can cause increased emissions, reduced performance and contribute to poor fuel economy. CRC GUARANTEED TO PASS contains powerful detergent additives strong enough to remove harmful carbon and varnish deposits from the fuel system and emission control components in gas-powered vehicles. CRC GUARANTEED TO PASS reduces CO, HC and Nitrogen Oxide emissions and is effective for both tailpipe exhaust analysis and more stringent OBD II plug-in, on-board diagnostics emissions testing methods.

  • STEP 1: Pour entire contents of 12 oz. bottle into full tank of gas (Use two full bottles for tanks over 16 gallons)

  • STEP 2: Drive until tank is empty to ensure that the product has mixed well. (Drive the vehicle normally, until the tank is nearly empty.)

  • STEP 3: Refill your tank right before testing

  • STEP 4: Pass emissions test, GUARANTEED!


"This stuff works."

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"My CO levels were 124 and when I took it back for testing the CO levels were 73."

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In the event that your car has failed the emissions test after using Guaranteed to Pass®, with no other mechanical issues to your car, CRC guarantees to DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK.

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When there are no mechanical issues with their vehicle, many car owners still find themselves wondering why they have failed their emissions test. As a matter of fact, a mechanical issue is not the only reason for a failed test. A major cause is a dirty fuel system that releases harmful pollutants into the air. Deposit buildup can lead to increased emissions as well as reduced performance and poor fuel economy. CRC GUARANTEED TO PASS won't compensate for any repairs needed on a vehicle, but it will remove any underlying risk of a dirty fuel system producing excess emissions. Plan ahead and avoid the hassle and wasted money on a retest. Use CRC GUARANTEED TO PASS before your emissions test to ensure a passing result the first time - GUARANTEED.